Offshore wind decision & planning optimiser tool

There are various tools to accurately predict the production of wind turbines, but it is quite a job to draw up an O&M plan based on that data. The aim of this project is to develop a tool that optimises this planning process.
In progress
Jan - Dec 2024
DBC as a partner

The planning process for offshore operations is still essentially a manual process, where weather conditions and forecasts are analysed and compared with the operational limits of the available vessels and equipment.

The existing tools are mainly concerned with the inventory, the urgency of the works and resource planning, but are not aimed at limiting production losses, which is a crucial factor for operational wind farms.

The partners in this project aim to develop a web application that collects data from different sources and presents them in a user-friendly way by means of an interface that allows an operator to simulate various scenarios or initiate an optimisation process.

The application will be built around a digital twin of the wind farm that simulates the production of the park based on parameters entered by the operator.

Optimisation is achieved by calculating the output of the park for the different values of the parameters within the constraints defined by the operator.

Challenge owner: Otary 

Partners: Coteng and Daily Creations

With the support of: ELBE Eurocluster 

Contact: Stefaan Mensaert

This project falls within the scope of a challenge defined by Otary in the context of a call from ELBE Eurocluster. Blue Cluster acts as a facilitator of this project.

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