Innovation roadmaps

Blue Cluster has developed a roadmap for each of its focus areas that outlines the priorities for the next two years of operation. The roadmaps are used to assess submitted projects for their relevance to the cluster.

What is the importance of the roadmap?

The roadmaps formulate relevant building blocks. Several feasibility studies, pilot & demonstration projects as well as knowledge sharing are provided for each one of these building blocks with an eye to 2030.

A clear overview of the ambitions, the appropriate efforts and the mutual relationships between the various innovation avenues is thus created for all parties involved. In this respect, the roadmaps serve as a framework to assess submitted projects for their relevance to the cluster.

The roadmap is a dynamic instrument and will be adjusted annually on the basis of evolving insights and the Task Forces of Blue Cluster. This makes it possible to include new opportunities for the blue economy in the roadmaps.

How is the roadmap structured and how should I read it?

The roadmap is multi-tiered and is best read from left to right and from top to bottom. It concerns a schematic representation of the consecutive and complementary activities required to achieve the objective. 

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