Blue Innovation Awards

The Blue Innovation Awards are an initiative by Blue Cluster to highlight innovative projects, products and services in the blue economy. The competition is open to companies and government institutions based in Belgium with ambitions in the blue economy.

The blue economy is growing rapidly and may make a significant contribution to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Many progressive companies and government services support this trend.

To put some of these organisations in the spotlight, Blue Cluster organises the 'Blue Innovation Awards' on an annual basis. The winning products, services and projects are traditionally announced during the Blue Innovation Awards Party.

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Who can participate?

  • You are a company with a registered office in Belgium or a Belgian public body with ambitions in the blue economy;
  • You present an innovative and inspiring project, product or service that is close to the market or close to implementation;
  • Your project, product or service preferably has several of the following characteristics:
    • Relevante innovative solution for a sustainability issue;
    • Link with economic activities at sea;
    • Market potential in Belgium and/or abroad;
    • International ambitions and/or achievements;
    • Impact on economic, social and ecological aspects within the scope of sustainable development (further info: UN Sustainable Development Goals). 

What categories are there?

Blue Innovation Wave SMEs
Corporate Blue Innovation Wave Corporates
Blue Innovation Swell  Collaboration initiatives
Blue Innovation Captain* Public bodies
Inspirational Blue Wave Audience award

The Blue Innovation Captain award will not be awarded in 2024.

How does it work?

Step 1 A call for innovative products, services and projects is launched.
Step 2 Blue Cluster employees check whether all entries meet the terms and conditions.
Step 3 Candidates present their entry to a jury consisting of different blue economy actors. The jury then selects two nominees for each category based on the aforementioned criteria.
Step 4 During the Blue Innovation Party, the nominees present their entries to a select audience. The winning entries are subsequently announced.
Blue Innovation Awards 2022 winners
Blue Innovation Awards Party 2022
Blue Innovation Awards Party 2022
Blue Innovation Awards Party 2022
Blue Innovation Awards 2021
Blue Innovation Awards 2021
Blue Innovation Awards Party 2021
Blue Innovation Awards Party 2021
Blue Innovation Awards 2020
Blue Innovation Awards 2020
Blue Innovation Awards 2020


An overview of the different winners of the Blue Innovation Awards up to now can be found below.

Blue Innovation Awards 2022

Blue Innovation Wave CPS Monitoring (Marlinks)
This company monitors the condition of underwater cables closely by measuring acoustic vibrations along the cables. This makes it possible to optimise maintenance and repair works.
Corporate Blue Innovation Wave Drilled XL monopile foundations for offshore wind farms (DEME)
Within the scope of this project, a solution was worked out and implemented to build offshore wind farms on rocky soil. 
Blue Innovation Swell  Belgian demo pilot within  UNITED 
(UGent, Jan De Nul, Brevisco, Colruyt, RBINS and Parkwind)
This project focuses on combining offshore wind, aquaculture and flat oyster restoration and seaweed cultiviation at one and the same location.
Blue Innovation Captain Wastewater treatment with willows: a nature-based solution (Aquaduin)
The scope of this project is to examine the potential of willow fields to further purify wastewater. 
Inspirational Blue Wave Moray Base (
This project concerns an innovative concept for a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines.

Blue Innovation Awards 2021

Blue Innovation Wave Leveraging AI for carbon-neutral shipping (Toqua)
Toqua applies machine learning to data in order to reduce fuel consumption in the shipping industry.
Corporate Blue Innovation Wave MANTA-line (BEXCO)
The MANTA-line is a floating solution for anchoring ropes that provides a lot of opportunities for floating wind installations. 
Blue Innovation Swell  MPVAqua (Tractebel, Jan De Nul, DEME, Soltech and UGent)
The partners in this project focus on the development of large-scale offshore solar installations.
Blue Innovation Captain Port of Antwerp: The Echodrone & More (Port of Antwerp)
Port of Antwerp has developed an innovation roadmap centred around the Echodrone, a depth sounding vessel.
Inspirational Blue Wave A triple helix approach for innovation (Belgian navy)
The Belgizn Navy works together with other organisations to fight fires aboard ships with virtualk reality and to protect maritime sites with drones detecting anomalies.

Blue Innovation Awards 2020

Blue Innovation Wave Nearshore Mussel Project (Brevisco)
This project focused on large-scale mussel cultivation in the nearshore waters of the Belgian North Sea
Corporate Blue Innovation Wave Dual-Fuel Hydrogen Engine (BeHydro)
This hydrogen-powered engine can be used for several marine and other applications
Blue Innovation Swell  Coastbusters (ILVO, DEME, Jan De Nul, SIOEN Industries and VLIZ)
This project concerns the installation of biogenic reefs off the Belgian coast.
Blue Innovation Captain Westende seawall renovation (MOP Urban Design)
Westende's seawall was redesigned with more attention to nature according to the dune in front of a dike concept. 
Inspirational Blue Wave Westende seawall renovation (MOP Urban Design)

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