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Who will win one of the prestigious Blue Innovation Awards this year? You will find out all about it on June 13 in Room With A Zoo in Antwerp. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite, as the initiative with the most votes will go home with the Inspirational Blue Wave.
12 June 2024

You can find a brief introduction of this year's nominees below. 

Would you like to be present at the live ceremony of the awards? Join us at A Room With A Zoo in Antwerp on June 13.

Blue Innovation Wave (for SMEs).

Offshore Wind Farm Grid Optimization Toolset (Enersynt)

Enersynt has developed an advanced toolset that makes it possible to optimise the efficiency of offshore wind farms. Mathematical optimisation limits project costs and development time, while reducing environmental impact and increasing project efficiency.

Enersynt's software easily manages the complexity of offshore wind farm electrical design and identifies the most economical network configurations. This way, companies get the competitive advantage they need to win more projects and ensure lasting profitability and environmental sustainability.

ZULU MASS (ZULU Associates)

ZULU Associates is developing a new vessel for crossing the Channel, the ZULU MASS. This ship is part of a radically new logistics concept and is designed to operate unmanned. In the long term, the ship will evolve towards emission-free propulsion.

ZULU Associates is therefore conducting research into alternative propulsion using a modular concept. This concept ensures that the ship can sail with different energy sources. Within this scope, supporting energy systems such as wind and sailing are also being examined.

Corporate Blue Innovation Wave (for corporates)

MycoFence (CITRIBEL)

Due to climate change and the increasing demand for food, the aquaculture sector is under great pressure. That is why Citribel has developed MycoFence, a 100% natural product that makes fish more resistant to diseases and stress. This innovative product benefits the well-being of all farmed fish species.

Mycofence is sustainably produced and its effectiveness has been confirmed by leading research centers. With Mycofence, CITRIBEL leads the way to a healthier and more sustainable future in aquaculture.

Hydrotug 1 (CMB.TECH)

The Hydrotug 1, the world's first hydrogen tugboat, has been operational at Port of Antwerp-Bruges since the end of 2023. The ship is powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with traditional fuel. This ensures a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions.

CMB.TECH promotes the Hydrotug 1 as an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for tugboat operations. In this way, the company makes an active contribution to the global shift towards more sustainable maritime solutions.

Blue Innovation Swell (for collaboration initiatives)

Project Supersized 4.0 (Parkwind and Norther)

Parkwind and Norther are developing an integrated methodology to identify defects and underperforming wind turbines in the short term. Within this scope, performance, condition and structural health of the foundations of all wind turbines in a wind farm are monitored continuously.

The resulting data are subsequently combined with other to can accurately predict the best time to carry out particular work. This makes it possible to develop new, more efficient maintenance strategies.

Nature Inclusive Design of the Princess Elisabeth island (Elia Group together with various private and public actors)

Grid operator Elia has opted for a nature-inclusive design for the future energy island in the Belgian North Sea. Various measures will be taken to improve biodiversity around the island. This will include ledges on which birds can breed and rest, as well as a diverse and rich artificial reef underwater.

Experts from public and private institutions, universities, consultancy firms and non-governmental organisations have participated in the co-creation process. During the further design of the natural elements, all kinds of expertise from various companies and organisations will be brought together.

How do I cast my vote?

You can only cast your vote for your favorite initiative on 13 June from 2:00 pm to 5:20 pm. You can do this in two ways: 

  • Go to the Slido website and enter code 5840 182; or
  • Scan the QR code in the image below.

The winner of the Blue Inspirational Wave will be announced at 5:25 pm during the live event in Antwerp. 

All the best to all of our nominees!

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