Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for operational follow-up and decision-making on the cluster projects in which The Blue Cluster is involved. Steering Committee members discuss the pipeline of projects and approve projects for the spearhead cluster budget.
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The Steering Committee assesses potential projects, keeps a finger on the pulse of the roadmaps, and determines the scope and timing of the project calls. Blue Cluster also informs the Steering Committee members about project calls for programmes organised by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) or other entities.


The Steering Committee convenes ten times a year in an open, constructive atmosphere. The meetings are chaired in turns by a company appointed by the Board of Directors.


Any decisions on projects are taken upon advice from and on the basis of scoring by Blue Cluster itself. For projects with significant scientific input (cSBRs, ICRs, etc.) advice is also provided by the Scientific Advisory Board. 


The Steering Committee is composed of representatives from companies representing the various domains in which Blue Cluster is active. It also includes a representative from the Belgian Offshore Cluster and a representative from the Scientific Advisory Board (the chair).

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