SME Committee

Blue Cluster has numerous small and medium-sized enterprises among its members. The SME Committee defends the interests of these members and pays particular attention to the identification of innovation opportunities for this group of companies.
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The SME Committee convenes at least twice a year, on the occasion of SME partnering events, sessions with external experts and project generation meetings regarding specific topics. Of course, the SME members are also invited to the substantive task forces and network events of Blue Cluster. 

The SME Committee advises the Steering Committee on issues that are relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are surveyed at regular intervals, and can provide input at any moment.


The SME Committee is composed of representatives from all small and medium-sized enterprises which are acceding or active members of Blue Cluster. The chairperson and vice-chairperson represent the SME Committee in the Steering Committee.

Hanne Deprez and Ann Overmeire are the central contacts for SMEs within Blue Cluster.

Kmo-comité Carl & Niko
Gert De Sitter (24Sea) is chair and Niko Fierens ( is vice-chair


A survey of the SME members is organised on a regular basis. The results of the survey are used to further improve the operation of the committee.

In addition, Piet Haerens (Haedes) provides support in internationalisation as a special envoy.

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