Board of Directors

The strategic direction of The Blue Cluster is primarily determined through the Board of Directors. This administrative body sets the strategic priorities of the partnership. The directors also oversee the management of financial resources.
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The Board of Directors is the strategic administrative body of Blue Cluster.


The Board of Directors convenes 4 times a year, but the board members are also actively involved in the activities if required.

The meetings are held in an open, constructive atmosphere. A new chair took up post in early 2020.


The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:

Jos Smits (chair)  
Patrick Bruggemans IMDC
Gert De Sitter 24Sea
Dirk Defloor DEME
Niko Fierens
Guy Janssens Port of Antwerp-Bruges
Jan Fordeyn Jan De Nul
Wannes Voorend Colruyt Group
Jan Mees (observer)  VLIZ
Annie Renders (observer) VLAIO


Acting members:

Tomas Sterckx DEME
Francis Verhees Jan De Nul
Raad van bestuur
Jos Smits is the chairman of the Board of Directors

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