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Fifteenth project call of Blue Cluster

Our fifteenth call has been open since 15 August. Project proposals can be submitted until 13 Octobe...

Bombs and shells: remnants of the past

The Blue Cluster focuses on efficient and sustainable forms of fishing and aquaculture, and explores the potential of marine resources. Within that context, we conduct research into the cultivation of mussels, oysters and seaweed, among other things. We are also looking at the possibilities of constructing sea farms.

Projects in the spotlight


In progress
Offshore wind farms provide us with large amounts of clean renewable energy, but also have a certain effect on the environment. The ANEMOI project studies possible chemical emissions from these wind farms (OWFs) and their impact on ecosystems and aquaculture.


In progress
The general public is often insufficiently aware of and involved in the sustainable transition of the Flemish coastal area. That’s why the BLUE BALANCE project is aimed at creating public support and facilitating a comprehensive dialogue between local residents, tourists, local businesses and government authorities.


In progress
LEVIATAD brings together 6 organisations from 4 countries to develop new tools and methods that can help SMEs expand their activities in the marine sector. The aim is to strengthen their market position via international support measures.

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