Inspection automation with unmanned vessels

The maintenance process for offshore wind turbines is very complex and requires regular checks. The partners in this project are developing an all-in-one solution with USVs and ROVs to optimise offshore activities and minimise the deployment of personnel and vessels.
In progress
Jan - Dec 2024
DBC as a partner

The project partners are developing an all-in-one autonomous system that is capable of carrying out various activities both underwater and above water. This concerns a combination of unmanned vessels (USVs) with a docking module for a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) on board. 

This system offers, among other things, the ability to inspect offshore wind turbines, monitor the seabed, transmit visual data to the control room, assist rescue teams in poor visibility, and transport spare parts to the offshore wind farm. 

The envisioned system will also significantly increase the quality of the data collected, minimise operational risks for staff members and significantly reduce CO2 emissions from the wind farm's supply chain.

Challenge owner: Ocean Winds

Partners: Blue Armada Robotics and Elwave

With the support of: ELBE Eurocluster 

Contact: Stefaan Mensaert

This project falls wihtin the scope of a challenge defined by Ocean Winds within the context of a call of ELBE Eurocluster. Blue Cluster acts as a facilitator of this project.

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