Presenting a project idea

Project ideas can be presented to Blue Cluster at any given time. This is only possible via the online form. The purpose of this step is to determine whether a project qualifies as a a cluster project at an early stage. We will then help you further on your way.

Currently, there is no call for cSBO 2-pagers.

On the basis of the project file submitted, we determine together with you whether the project fits in with our strategy and which project type is appropriate. 

Knowledge institutions and research partners can also present a project idea, provided that it may result in the creation of economic value. In case of a strategic basic research project, the presentation of the project idea is a mandatory step in the new procedure for SBR projects. 

Submitting cSBO 2-pagers is currenlty not possible.

Any project ideas presented to Blue Cluster are always treated confidentially and never shared with third parties, unless the presenters of the idea give their express consent.

Present your project idea

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Do you want to present a Strategic Basic Research for clusters (cSBO) project?
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Briefly describe the project's general innovation goal(s). (up to 200 words)
Which focus area(s) does the project fit in with?
Please clarify how the project contributes to the further roll-out of the relevant roadmap (maximum 100 words).
A cSBR project proposal is submitted by at least two research groups pertaining to one or several Flemish research organisations. In this context, a Flemish research organisation is defined as a research organisation (university, university college, research centre, etc.) established in the Flemish Region or a Flemish university or university college established in the Brussels-Capital Region. The Interuniversity Institute for Microelectronics (IMEC), the  Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), Flanders Make, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and the Flemish scientific institutions receiving a grant from the Flemish government need to submit a cSBR project proposal in cooperation with at least one other Flemish research organisation. A Flemish university college always needs to submit a cSBR project proposal in cooperation with or at least after obtaining the advice of the university within the association to which it is connected. Flemish university colleges always need to submit a project proposal in cooperation with at least one other Flemish research organisation.

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