Blue Innovation Awards 2020: meet the winners

On October 27, we announced the winners of the first edition of the Blue Innovation Awards. Get to know some inspiring initiatives in the blue economy that deserve to be celebrated.
29 October 2020

The award ceremony of the Blue Innovation Awards 2020 took place on Tuesday 27 October. Blue Cluster proudly presents the winning initiatives:

  • The Nearshore Mussel Project by Brevisco won the Blue Innovation Wave award. This project focuses on large-scale cultivation of mussels in the nearshore zone of the Belgian North Sea. 
  • The Dual-Fuel Hydrogen Engine from BeHydro was rewarded with the Corporate Blue Innovation Wave award. This hydrogen-powered engine can be used for various marine and other applications
Blue Innovation Awards 2020 - BeHydro
Blue Innovation Awards 2020 - Brevisco
Blue Innovation Awards 2020 - Coastbusters
Blue Innovation Awards 2020 - Middelkerke
  • Coastbusters, a cooperation initiative of ILVO, DEME, Jan De Nul, SIOEN Industries and VLIZ, won the Blue Innovation Swell award. This project concerns the construction of biogenic reefs off the Belgian coast.
  • The renovation of the promenade of Westende was awarded the Blue Innovation Captain award. The initiators are the Municipal Council of Middelkerke and the agency Maritime Services and Coast. 
  • Last but not least, the project concerning the renovation of the seawall of Westende also was awarded the Inspirational Blue Wave award, which was presented by the public.

The winners went home with a Blue Innovation Awards trophy and can make use of a unique Blue Innovation Awards logo and a promotional video. 

What are the Blue Innovation Awards?

The Blue Innovation Awards are an initiative of Blue Cluster to put innovative projects, products and services in the blue economy in the spotlight.

All entries were judged on five criteria: innovative character, international image, market potential, link with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and link with the blue economy.

All images: © G-STIC & De Blauwe Cluster

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