Blue Economy Science Summit 2024 photo report

On 23 May 2024, scientists, companies and governments came together in Ostend for the third edition of the Blue Economy Science Summit (BESS). This year's focus was on the changing aspects of digitisation in the blue economy.
11 June 2024

During the Blue Economy Science Summit (BESS), representatives from science, industry and policy meet to dive into the blue economy. The event serves as a dynamic platform to network, exchange knowledge and actively participate in shaping the future of the blue economy.

More than 180 attendees delved into the central topic of 'the digital sea'. This year, BESS also had an international dimension, as the event was organised in the context of the Belgian EU presidency and within the scope of the Blue Mission BANOS project, which focuses on positive measures to restore our oceans and waters.

Below you will find an extensive selection of photos from the event.

Welcome and opening reception

Refreshments & networking

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