We facilitate the innovation process throughout the entire chain. We play a supportive role and provide help in the conception of ideas, evaluation of concepts, implementation of projects and value creation of products and services.
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Blue Cluster provides its members with a wide range of services.


The provision of services by Blue Cluster has a tiered structure:

  • The basis is formed by an accessible range of broad networking services to discover the innovative blue economy and relevant partners;
  • The central issue is the identification of opportunities and the guidance of consortia in the realisation of innovation projects as well as in support and value creation possibilities;
  • At the top is the strategic reflection on the challenges and long-term opportunities for the blue economy.
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Range of services

The services provided by Blue Cluster can be divided into four categories:

Idea generation Within our domains, we closely monitor international trends, societal and industrial needs as well as the competencies present in Flanders, and share them with our members on an individual basis as well as through newsletters, events, workshops and publications.
Concept evaluation Companies with an idea can rely on us for advice as to the currently established technologies and the feasibility. We provide assistance with the examination of marketing opportunities and provide an insight into potential subsidy channels.
Project implementation Every project funded with the support of the cluster budget is followed up by an innovation manager who attends the project meetings,  provides advice on the project implementation and administrative obligations, and provides help with the communication on the project as well as the dissemination of the results. 
Value creation We help you market your new products and/or services. First and foremost, we want to see innovative concepts implemented in the Belgian part of the North Sea. To this end, we consult with the competent authorities to develop an appropriate framework (via a Marine Spatial Plan, Strategic Steering Committee for Aquaculture, etc.).

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