The WaveLake project aims to develop and validate a new technological concept for a safe underwater wave generator for surfers. The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure that surfing is possible all year round in a cost-effective way.
Jul 2020 - Jan 2023
DBC project, National project

WaveLake aims to surpass the international state of the art in terms of the average number of waves, the preformation of the waves, the acceptable spectrum of wave heights, shapes, styles and speed, whilst addressing the disadvantages such as visual impact, safety risks, own frequency of tuning and high costs.

The new technology should allow highly accurate manipulation of the generated wave profiles and generate multiple profiles to serve surfers with very different levels of proficiency.

Additionally, the structure of the water basin and the bathymetry (the reef) and their interaction with the wave generator are essential for the realisation of a pleasant, safe, energy-efficient and low-maintenance installation that can be profitably operated throughout the year, without having to rely on income from ancillary activities.

Partners: AllWaves, Vapo Hydraulics and Lakeside Paradise

With the support of: VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Contact: Kristien Veys

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