Supersized 4.0

A new generation of +8MW offshore wind turbines is being installed. Larger turbines are designed to increase the capacity of the individual turbines. Flanders is among the pioneers in this field. This project aims to use sophisticated operation and maintenance strategies to allow short-term identification of underperformance of turbines and to carry out predictive maintenance.
Jan 2020 - Dec 2022
DBC project

The Supersized 4.0 project aims to develop an integrated methodology to quantify the risks related to underperformance and unscheduled standstill due to failure. The key to realising this is to develop innovative methods using continuous data of each turbine in the wind farm. 

Three monitoring strategies are central: performance monitoring (PM), condition monitoring (CM) and structural health monitoring of the foundations (SHM). This continuous data is obtained by combining SCADA and the existing CM and SHM data. 

Moreover, this data will be expanded by installing a limited number of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors on each turbine. These will be connected to the Cloud via 5G. In addition, a limited number of turbines will be extensively instrumented. 

This proposal therefore focuses on the entire farm, rather than one specific turbine in the farm. We aim to optimise methodologies that detect underperformance and defects by using the similarities between the various turbines in the farm.

The following scientific goals are set:

  • A methodology to have data available to perform PM, CM and SHM at the level of the entire farm.
  • A methodology to continuously exchange the condition indicators between similar turbines in order to optimise the results obtained.

The following research goals are set in the industrial research:

  • Research into a methodology that allows to transfer the data from the high-frequency IoT sensors via 5G/Mesh and to integrate it with the existing data (e.g. SCADA).
  • Research into a methodology that allows to convert the different indicators of PM, CM and SHM methodologies into operational risks and concrete action plans. Essential in this regard is to obtain indicators which can be directly integrated in maintenance planning.
  • Evaluating a reduced sensor setup that allows to quantify the consumed service life of foundations.
  • Gaining insight into key differences in load and dynamic behaviour of the turbine due to up-scaling.
  • Research into a certifiable methodology to determine and potentially extend the remaining service life of offshore foundations.

Partners: Parkwind, Norther, MHI-Vestas Offshore Belgium, 24Sea, Citymesh, VUB and Sirris

With the support of: VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Contact: Stefaan Mensaert

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