SSAVE (Shared Situational Awareness for VEssels)

The aim of the SSAVE project is to improve the quality of the data, the interconnectivity and the interoperability in maritime shipping and inland navigation. Safe and verified direct and indirect communication between assets will be created to this effect.
Oct 2019 - Sep 2021
DBC project

The specific objectives of the SSAVE project are:

  • Defining methods and technologies for safe and verified connectivity and sharing data between assets of different manufacturers and owners, with line-of-sight broadband communication capabilities over at least 1km.
  • Defining low-cost IP-like technologies that allow the deployment of a meshed ad-hoc edge and narrow-band shared Internet access, to enable the use of MDTs.
  • Working towards a standard format for the exchange of sensor data, characterised by data reduction between field assets of different manufacturers and owners, as well as data enrichment.
  • Defining software architectures to merge sensor data, delivering optimal data streams, with a focus on real-time sharing of situational awareness.
  • Standardising inter-asset communication.

The ultimate goal is to enable various forms of autonomy in marine and inland waterways.

Partners: Dredging International, dotOcean, Tresco Engineering, KU Leuven, Royal Military Academy and IMEC

With the support of: VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Contact: Eveline Buyck

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