Belgium was one of the first countries to make a deliberate choice for offshore wind energy. The first installations are gradually approaching the end of their lifetime. The OWiDEx project wants to position Belgium as a pioneer in the decommissioning of offshore wind turbines.
In progress
Sep 2023 - Sep 2025
DBC as an observer, National project

As a global leader in the installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, Belgium now faces the challenge of decommissioning the first generation of offshore wind turbines. This raises many questions about the decommissioning process and the desired value chain.

Existing knowledge is spread over various experts who can provide advice within their own field, such as legislation, logistics, recycling, cost efficiency and environmental impact. To tackle this challenge, the project partners want to promote cooperation between government, industry and knowledge institutions to facilitate further steps.


OWiDEx brings all elements together and provides a clear overview of state-of-the-art knowledge. It also forms the starting signal for a long-term collaboration between knowledge institutions, government and companies. Expertise, knowledge and research are incorporated into a platform of expertise that is made available to policy makers and industry.

The result will be a Belgian decommissioning plan that enjoys broad support and enables policymakers and industry to make more informed decisions. This plan will take into account a variety of aspects, such as legislation, environmental impact, logistics and cost efficiency. OWiDEx strives to provide a clear roadmap for research and development, as well as a strategy to preserve and make further use of the available assets.


Several steps will be taken to achieve the above result:

  • Mapping the logistics chain 
  • Mapping factors that have an impact on decommissioning, such as: 
    • Interactions with the marine ecosystem 
    • Options in the field of material processing 
    • Legal framework 
    • Future perspectives 
  • Drafting a Belgian plan for the decommissioning of offshore wind turbines.

Partners:  POM West-Vlaanderen (lead), OVAM, Parkwind, Sirris, Ghent University, VUB and RBINS.

Blue Cluster's role: Blue Cluster acts as an observer in this project.

With the support of: Energy Transition Fund

Contact: Rebecca Verhaeghe (POM West-Vlaanderen)

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