A lot of knowledge is needed to navigate the complexity of hybrid and interdependent digital energy systems. ODIN strives to better coordinate system processes and services by taking fundamental steps in the field of digitisation.
In progress
Mar 2024 - Feb 2027
Intercluster project, National project

To achieve the European and Belgian energy targets, offshore wind energy must be deployed more quickly. These new wind farms require a new offshore electrical network, and their high costs make it necessary to explore new grid concepts, technologies and network services.

Digital technologies can allow us to integrate various energy assets into a hybrid system, simplify their control and thus increase the available energy flexibility. Since hybrid energy systems are an integral part of the offshore grid, their proper functioning is crucial for the reliability of the entire network.

Hybrid energy systems can indeed combine large-scale energy storage with production from wind farms to improve their economic performance. Therefore, offshore digitisation and hybrid energy integration (ODIN) are crucial for reducing overall energy costs.


The ODIN project focuses on developing innovative solutions through offshore digitisation and hybrid energy integration. By combining hybrid energy systems with large-scale energy storage, such as hydrogen production, floating offshore PV and battery storage, the partners aim to reduce the costs of developing and operating wind farms.

Key objectives of the project include accelerating offshore energy deployment through test automation, ensuring system reliability through advanced asset management, and increasing economic returns by providing greater flexibility to the grid.

The ODIN project will not only contribute to the further development of offshore wind energy, but also to strengthening the European and Belgian position as pioneers in the field of sustainable energy.

Partners: EnergyVille/KU Leuven; Tractebel; e-Bo Enterprises; ENGIE Laborelec; Siemens; and Parkwind

Clusters involved: Blue Cluster and Flux50

With the support of: VLAIO 

Contact: Stefaan Mensaert

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