Croatia and Slovenia, two neighboring countries located along the Adriatic coast, want to jointly focus more on innovation to support the digital and green transition of the maritime sector. In doing so, they rely on best practices from Flanders.
In progress
Jan 2023 - Dec 2026
DBC as an observer, International project

Through three pilot projects, INNO2MARE addresses some of the key challenges in maritime education and training, maritime security and safety, and the efficiency of energy conversion and management systems.

The project will not only increase citizen involvement in the innovation process and teach smart skills, but also reduce the innovation gap by connecting the innovation actors within the various ecosystems.

To this end, the participants in this project will define a number of common actions and carry out these actions together. Various Belgian organisations share their expertise and experience for this purpose.

Participants: ISKRADIGITEH, BSC & Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia (Slovenia);  Rijeka University, STEP RI (Science & Technology Park of the University of Rijeka), MS TECH, Maritime Center of Excellence, Regional Development Agency of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar Province & Centre for Technical Culturein Rijeka (Croatia); and University of Antwerp & Antwerp Maritime Academy (Belgium).

Blue Cluster's role: Blue Cluster acts as an associated partner in this project, to support University of Antwerp and the Maritime Academy. 

With the support of: the European Commissie within the scope of Horizon Europe  

Contact: Ann Overmeire

Funded by EU - NextGenerationEU

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