This feasibility study forms the basis of the implementation of hydrogen as a clean fuel in marine shipping in Flanders, responding to two complex challenges: reducing shipping emissions and adapting port infrastructure to this reduction.
Mar 2022 - Mar 2023
DBC project, National project

Many technological components have already been developed to use hydrogen as a fuel for maritime shipping, but there is a lack of an integral solution that is both technically and commercially feasible.

As a follow-up project, the partners aim to functionally operate an H2 retrofitted tugboat in the port of Zeebrugge in order to investigate the optimisation of all processes, including the bunkering process, tugboat retrofit, hydrogen sourcing, etc.

The realisation of this pilot project will ensure that tugboats can be retrofitted in a more efficient and inexpensive way. During the pilot project, the operational impact of hydrogen on a tugboat will be mapped. This will allow for the determination of the most efficient method of the various operational sub-processes (safety, bunkering, maintenance, inspection), which, in turn, will ensure its inclusion in future retrofits.

Building and operating a bunker station near a production facility with all relevant conditions is a second aspect for which operational experience will answer many questions.

Partners: Virya Energy, Boluda Towage Europe and Port of Antwerp-Bruges

With the support of: VLAIO

Contact: Eveline Buyck

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