Drones are being used more and more frequently and for a growing number of applications. To perform all these applications in a professional manner, specialised training is indispensable. Several players in the market are joining forces for this purpose.
Jan - Dec 2023
DBC as a partner, National project
Co-funded by the EU

North Sea Drones has partnered with a number of actors in various sectors, including Blue Cluster, to develop innovative training for the drone sector. This is all part of the ESF project 'Opleidingen voor de toekomst' (Training Courses for the Future).

Specifically, five training courses will be created that deal with certain aspects of drones. These courses have to be hands-on training courses to strengthen the Flemish labor market. The focus will be on technology and innovation.

There are five sub-themes on which different partners are working together:

  • Drones for the construction sector; 
  • Drones for precision agriculture; 
  • Drones for offshore activities; 
  • Construction and maintenance of drones; and 
  • Drones and data protection.

The ultimate goal is to provide concrete and hands-on training to people struggling to find and/or keep a job so that they become more competitive in the job market and can ensure their own future as well as the future of our economy.


  • Construction: Buildwise, Embuild Vlaanderen, Bouwunie, Belgian Drone Federation and Constructiv; 
  • Agriculture: ILVO, Belgian Drone Federation and MKict;
  • Offshore: IMEC, Ghent University, Belgian Drone Federation, Blue Cluster and Falconavo;
  • Drone construction and maintenance: VTI Roeselare, Constructiv, IMEC and Ghent University; and
  • Data protection: IMEC, Ghent University, Diverscity (VVSG), MKict, VINGAR.

With the support of: ESF Flanders

Contact: Eveline Buyck

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