Currently, the European aquaculture sector heavily relies on rope that cannot be recycled. BIOGEARS therefore aims to offer a sustainable alternative by developing biodegradable rope. Local composting facilities will be able to process this new type of rope.
Nov 2019 - Oct 2022
DBC as an observer, International project

The BIOGEARS project aims to develop bio-based and biodegradable ropes for the European aquaculture. This way, a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution is provided for the entire chain, as an alternative to the current ropes based on fossil fuels. The ropes will be used for seaweed and mussel production.

Bio-based compounds will be used as base material and will be processed into filaments and then into ropes. In addition to the technical evaluation of the ropes for seaweed and mussel cultures, the sustainability of the new solutions and the economic feasibility will be considered.

As part of the project, a BLUE LAB will be created, a multidisciplinary partnership to enhance the cooperation between the partners and ensure the valorisation of the results.

BIOGEARS is a project under the “H2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund”. It involves 5 partners from Spain, Ireland and Belgium.

Partners: Centexbel (BE), AZTI (ES), Gaiker (ES), Itsaskorda (ES) and ERINN Innovation (IE)

With the support of: Horizon 2020

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