Call 18 will open on 16 August

Submit your project

There is currently no open call. The next call will open at the end of August and will be open to all focus areas and all project types, excluding new cSBOs. Feasibility studies can be submitted at any given time.

You can only submit a project with Blue Cluster via the online form. To do so, you first need to register on our website. This allows you to store your file and continue working on it at a later point in time. 

When preparing your application, you can make use of the working document. The working documents for the different types of projects can be found below. 

We advise you to contact the innovation managers when drawing up and submitting the 10-pager! 

Important information

Any submitted projects are always treated confidentially and never shared with third parties unless the submitters have given their express consent.

Disclaimer: when submitting a 10-pager, the consortium needs to take into account that a project is only admissible if it meets the cluster criteria. The consortium accepts the conditions of membership and acquisition fee inherently connected to the project application. The partners involved commit themselves to further developing and implementing the project. In case of late withdrawal from a project, the withdrawing partner shall assume its responsibility towards the consortium.

Annexes: VLAIO instrumentarium

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