Innovation projects should comply with certain conditions to be eligible for submission to Blue Cluster. Such conditions can pertain to the deadline for submission, the subject of the project (linked to the roadmaps) or the project type. The partners are equally subject to certain conditions if they wish to participate in a cluster project.


Blue Cluster launches three project calls a year:

First call January-February
Second call April-May
Third call September-October


To be eligible for funding via Blue Cluster, a project needs to meet at least the cluster criteria:

  • the project is compatible with the roadmap of one of the innovation domains; 
  • the results have a spill-over effect on the rest of the cluster.

Depending on the call, it is possible that further conditions are imposed with regard to project type or topic.

Project samenwerking bovenaanzicht


At the time of submission of a project, a partnership should meet the following conditions:

  • the consortium consists of at least 3 companies with a presence in Flanders;
  • each business partner is a member of Blue Cluster;
  • each research partner is an associated member or partner of Blue Cluster.

Upon submission of a 10-pager, all partners engage into a commitment to carry out the project and enter into a membership (or partnership) relationship with Blue Cluster (throughout the duration of the project).


Projects receive intensive guidance and are monitored closely by Blue Cluster. Within this scope, each partner is required to pay a fee of € 5,310 per project (€ 1,190 upon approval of the 10-pager by the steering committee and € 4,120 upon approval by VLAIO, excl. VAT; rate of 2024). For feasibility studies, a fee of € 1,190 needs to be paid. 

Depending on the type of membership, the guidance fee for one or several projects is already included in the membership fee. At partner level, the guidance fee is capped at a maximum of 10% of the subsidy provided to the project partner in question.

Check out our different membership formulas.

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