Valuing water: what does water mean to you?

Did you know that more than 30 organisations within the United Nations are working on water-related and sanitary issues? Water is a crucial resource to humanity from any point of view.
21 March 2021

World Water Day was created by the United Nations in 1992 to raise awareness of universal access to safe and clean water, as well as proper sanitation and hygiene. In addition, the day is also a plea for the sustainable management of fresh water sources and less litter in the water.

Each year, the day focuses on a special topic. This year’s topic is ‘valuing water’. The aim of the campaign is for all of us to consider what water means to us, so we are more aware of the value of water.

wereldwaterdag illustratie
Image of World Water Day 2021

After all, we are used to water coming out of the tap, but this is not as evident as it seems. In a recent World Resources Institute (WRI) report, Belgium is third in Europe in terms of the risk of water scarcity. Do you want to know the causes of this problem and how we can address it in Flanders? Read Willem’s opinion piece.

High time then to use water in a more sustainable and sensible way. Within its 6 domains of work, Blue Cluster is active in various water-related challenges. Some projects respond to the objective of World Water Day specifically. We are happy to put these latter projects in the spotlight on this special day.


Every year, a lot of plastic waste flows from our rivers to the sea, eventually ending up on the beach or on the seabed. Within the PLUXIN project, we aim to better understand how plastic moves horizontally and vertically in the water, and look for hotspots of pollution.

Smart WaterUse

Many companies need a lot of water for their activities, but do not have a back-up plan in case less water is available. This project therefore aims to identify water risks and provides tools and scenarios to use water in a more sustainable and sensible way, as well as to explore the possibilities of alternative water sources and technologies. 


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