Sustainable sand solutions: from challenge to opportunity

It remains a challenge to balance our needs and wants with the resilience of nature. The innovative solutions which are currently being developed within the scope of the SUSANA project are a clear step in the right direction.
12 April 2024

The partners in the Sustainable Use of Sand in Nature-based Solutions (SUSANA) project are committed to sustainable sand use to achieve nature-based solutions for a greener future. This gives rise to a new approach to coastal protection and construction activities.

Highlights of our journey

  • Reimagining Resources: The North Sea's sand is pivotal for construction and coastaldefenses. Our investigations examine how lower quality finer-grained sand, oftenoverlooked, might hold tremendous potential for these applications in Belgium andelsewhere, aligning with global sustainability goals.
  • Innovative analysis: By examining dredged sediments, we're unveiling the untapped value of these sediments. Our detailed studies in Oostende and Zeebrugge reveal significant amounts of sand, promosing for future use. 
  • Cutting-edge techniques: Our approach combines vibrocore sampling, high-resolution imaging and acoustic measurements to assess sediment quality and quantity with unprecedented precision. This meticulous research offers a glimpse into the future of resource management.

Impacts and insights

  • A Wealth of Sand: Preliminary estimates indicate millions of tonnes of sediment are available for sustainable exploitation. This not only supports coastal resilience, but also promotes circularity in resource use.
  • Diverse potential: the variability in sediment quality underscores the importance of tailored strategies for sand use, highlighting areas for further exploration and innovation.

Join us on this journey

Your support and interest are vital as we navigate these promising yet challenging waters. For those eager to delve deeper or contribute to our cause, we invite you to explore further details on Blue Cluster's website. 

Together, let's champion the sustainable use of ourprecious sand resources for generations to come.

Best regards,

The SUSANA project team

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