One more step closer to offshore solar

Solar panels on the Belgian North Sea have never been so close! On 19 July, a first SeaVolt pilot installation was presented in the port of Ostend. This is an important step towards even more sustainable renewable energy.
19 July 2023

The SeaVolt pilot installation shows that Belgium remains an important pioneer in the field of renewable energy. During the presentation, Belgian Minister of the North Sea Vincent Van Quickenborne, Belgian State Secretary Thomas Dermine and Mayor of Ostend Bart Tommelein pointed out the importance of continuing efforts to move towards green energy.

Within a few weeks, the installation will be towed to a test zone off the coast of Ostend. It will be examined whether the installation produces sufficient power and what the effects of the marine environment are on the installation. If the tests are successful, the intention is to eventually export the installation worldwide

Huge potential

Solar panels at sea may serve to complement offshore wind energy. No fishing or shipping is allowed in offshore wind farms. Solar panels are therefore an interesting option to use the open space between the wind turbines.

The partners will also look into the possibility to cultivate mussels and oysters in combination with the platform. The aim is to use the available space as efficiently as possible by bundling various economic activities in one and the same place.


The test installation was developed within the framework of the MPVAqua research project, one of the first projects facilited by Blue Cluster. We are very proud with the results achieved so far and keep a close eye on further developments.

Seavolt is a collaboration between TRACTEBEL, DEME and Jan De Nul. The partners have come up with a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that can be deployed in the most difficult conditions. Together with Ghent University and POM West-Vlaanderen, they will test the installation intensively for one year.

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