New brochure on blue innovation in Flanders

The blue economy is alive and kicking in Flanders. Just think of floating offshore solar panels, the energy island and Belgian mussels. Discover the importance of the blue economy and the role of innovation in this sector in this updated publication.
08 September 2023

2021 was the starting year of the United Nations-declared Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UNDOSS: 2021-2030). On this occasion, VLIZ, Blue Cluster and the Flemish government’s department of Economy, Science and Innovation launched the brochure ‘Gearing up our blue knowledge - Tackling ocean challenges in the UN Decade of Ocean Science’.

However, the blue economy is constantly evolving, and a lot has changed in Flanders since 2021. The time was there ripe to publish an updated version of the brochure.

New topics

The new version of the brochure integrates a number of corrections, updates and revisions. Additionally, a number of topics included for the first time or in a more detailed form, including:

  • Blue Economy Science Summit (BESS); 
  • Prinses Elisabeth island;
  • Floating offshore solar panels.

We wish everyone plenty of reading pleasure!

marien ruimtelijk plan
Map of the Marine Spatial Plan

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