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Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise active in offshore renewable energy and would you like to join Blue Cluster on a trade mission to South Korea from 26 to 30 November? If so, you can apply for financial support (€2000 per SME) via ELBE Eurocluster.
18 July 2023

On 10 July, the partners in the ELBE Eurocluster project launched a call for internationalisation. The aim of this call is to enable SMEs to develop and roll out a market strategy for South Korea. A total of 15 SMEs will receive € 2,000 in financial support for this.

These financial means are meant to be spent on actions aimed at market development in South Korea. The selected SMEs can also use the funds received to participate in the ELBE Alliance mission to South Korea, which will take place from 26 to 30 November.

The ELBE Alliance mission to South Korea includes:

  • Meeting with KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency) and KWEA (Korea Wind Energy Association);
  • Explanation of offshore wind potential and permitting process in South Korea;
  • Presentation of floating wind projects in Ulsan;
  • Presentation of smart mooring solutions that combine floating offshore wind and fisheries/aquaculture;
  • Visit to a local shipyard; 
  • Visit to a production yard (industrialization opportunities for producing floating installations and optimal use of the Korean supply chain).

Interested? Please contact Hanne Deprez for more details.

ELBE Offshore Energy

Financial support

Fifteen SMEs will receive € 2000 in financial support to expand their international presence in South Korea. The selection of SMEs will mainly be based on the following criteria:

  • Maturity of the solution to be exported;
  • Knowledge and identification of the markets and stakeholders to be approached;
  • Steps already taken to reach the South Korean market.


Do you want to regiser for this call? Submit your application by 11 September 2023 at 5 pm via the EU Survey platform.

Would you like to check the specific terms and conditions as well as the procedure? Download the submission toolkit for this call. 

About ELBE EuroCluster of Blue Energy

ELBE EuroCluster of Blue Energy unites eight European reference clusters in the Offshore Renewable Energy sector, which together represent nearly 1,000 companies and R&D organisations. The cluster's main aim is to encourage the development of SMEs in the field of Innovation, internationalisation, networking and training.

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