Find out more about the end results of the BluERA project

Ocean energy is considered to be the largest untapped source of renewable energy in Europe. This form of energy is abundantly available and geographically diverse. However, the technological and other challenges that need to be overcome are significant.
01 February 2023

In 2020, IMDC, Laborelec and Otary RS NV launched an industrial research project called “Blue Energy Resource Assessment” (BluERA). The partners aimed to develop practical digital interactive applications in this context to assess the potential and yield of ocean energy technologies in specific locations.

BluERA was aimed at providing an advanced tool which makes it possible to take environmental parameters and the wide range of technological solutions that are developed into account. The tool has two fundamental components:

  • a digital wave atlas detailing the ocean energy potential in Belgian waters; and 
  • an evaluation of the potential energy yield.


bluera logo

Finally, the industrial research of BluERA also focused on developing guidelines and protocols to guarantee optimum performances of the installations and to address technical challenges.

BluERA encouraged a diverse and complementary consortium of companies and scientists from various backgrounds and with a wide range of expertise (IMDC, ENGIE Laborelec, Otary, and Ghent University-CERG as an IMDC subcontractor) to work on new research activities strengthening their knowledge within their area of expertise or expanding their international exposure.

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