Fifteenth project call of Blue Cluster

Our fifteenth call has been open since 15 August. Project proposals can be submitted until 13 October. The present call is open to all innovation domains of Blue Cluster and to all project types except for completely new cSBE projects. Feasibility studies can be submitted throughout the year.
21 August 2023

Our fifteenth call has been open since 15 August 2023. Any project proposal that fits within the Blue Cluster roadmaps and meets the cooperation requirements is eligible for funding. The current call is open to all innovation domains of Blue Cluster and to all project types.

For cSBR projects, a procedure is in place whereby it is possible to submit project ideas for basic research once a year. In 2023, the call for cSBR projects coincided with the thirteenth call.

Preparing a project application

Would you like to learn more about how you can submit a project proposal to Blue Cluster? Check out a visual presentation of the process as well as further information about the modalities of the different project types on our website in the section “project application”.

We highly recommend you to have one of our innovation managers assess your project beforehand. This way, you are 100% certain that your proposal is admissible.


Submitting a project application

All project proposals for R&D projects, ICON (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research) projects as well as pilot and feasibility studies must be submitted as a 10-pager to Blue Cluster before the deadline. After approval by the steering group, the 10 pager-can be further developed into a full proposal to be submitted to Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) by 16 December 2023. 

This project call is not open to new cSBR projects. This implies that it is currently not possible to submit project proposals for cSBR projects as 2-pagers. It is nevertheless possible to submit a 10-pager for cSBE projects with an approved 2-pager.  

During the project preparations, Blue Cluster offers support to the project partners. Reach out to us if you want to make use of this possibility. 

The deadline for submitting a project is Friday 13 October 2023 at 12 noon.

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