CORNET launches 35nd call for project proposals

There are many forms of support for SMEs wanting to focus on research and knowledge sharing on an international scale, but it is not easy to have an overview of all possibilities. Fortunately, overarching initiatives such as CORNET exist.
20 January 2023

CORNET mainly focuses on broad consortiums of companies consisting of mostly SMEs. To be eligible for support, one of the requirements is to demonstrate that significant added value is generated by conducting the research on an international scale. There are no limits in terms of topics.


  • Partners from at least two participating countries or regions;
  • Per partner a supervisory group with a minimum number of SMEs;
  • Research component conducted by a research organisation;
  • Research results owned by the consortium and publicly available;
  • Application must be submitted by an association.

The participating countries and regions for the 35th CORNET call are Germany, Austria, Flanders, Wallonia, Poland, Canada-Qu├ębec, Switzerland, Turkey, Peru, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Brazil. There are no limits in terms of topics.

The deadline for submitting an application for this project call is 29 March 2023 (at 12 noon).

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CORNET stands for Collective Research Networking and combines existing support programmes of various financing institutions around the world to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through CORNET, SMEs can build their network and access knowhow and raw materials that may not be present domestically.

Further information

Would you like to participate in this call or do you have any questions in this regard? Please contact Ria Bruynseels (VLAIO).

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