Boost your SME with ELBE's financial training support

Are you an SME operating in the field of offshore renewable energy? Then you have an opportunity to receive about €13 500 in financial support for training and education thanks to the ELBE Eurocluster project. Apply and let your ambitions shine.
06 November 2023

Training modules

With a service provider

SMEs have the possibility to follow a module with a previously selected service provider on the following topics: 

  • Sustainability & digitalisation - designing strategies for increased competitiveness and innovation
    Preferred service provider: StrateGaia AS

    This training module centers on support to incorporate sustainability and innovation into your business model. Methods used include the "Flourishing Business Canvas" model.

  • Sustainable business with focus on general ESG issues, UN Sustainability goals and materiality analysis
    Preferred sercie provider: Mantis Consulting or Capgemini Invent

    Mantis Consulting's training will help you lay the groundwork for preparing a sustainability report according to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations. This will soon become a requirement for a lot of companies.

    Capgemini Invent's training offers tools to translate the UN's sustainable development goals into concrete actions within your company.

  • Factlines platform for ESG reporting (incl. SW-license)

    During this training module, you will be introduced to the Factlines software. The Factlines software helps you analyse and document the environmental and social impact of your company's supply chain

Check out more information on the different training modules

Open module

Alternatively, companies can also submit their own proposal for other training courses that achieve the same goals as the previous three modules. In this case, SMEs should describe the training course(s) they want to attend and the goals to be achieved by the training session. SMEs should also indicate the details of the potential provider(s) of the training in the application form.

Financial support

The maximum amount to be granted for training services is 13,500€. This amount covers the implementation of the training session. 

SMEs and service providers can mutually agree to organise the training at a physical location. If this is the case, the travel costs for the SMEs are borne by the SMEs themselves.

ELBE Offshore Energy


SMEs must meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for financial support. A limited number of European SMEs will be selected from all applicants based on the following selection criteria:

  • Leadership commitment;
  • Scale-up potential;
  • Clear ambition towards Sustainability Development Goals implementationt.


Interested in participating in this call? Then submit your application via the EU Survey-platform no later than 5pm on the 31st of December 2023.

Would you like to learn more about the specific conditions and procedure?  Download the submission toolkit for this call.

About ELBE EuroCluster of Blue Energy

ELBE EuroCluster of Blue Energy brings together eight leading European clusters in offshore renewable energy representing nearly 1,000 companies and R&D organisations. The main objective of the cluster is to support SMEs in their development in terms of innovation, internationalisation, networking and training.

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