BlueInvest x EU4Algae E-Pitching Session

Are you a European SME with an innovative product, technology or solution in the algae sector and are you looking for investors for your project? Then take part in an exclusive pitch session by BlueInvest and EU4Algae on Wednesday 11 October.
26 July 2023

Seaweed is on the rise, for example as a food supplement, in cosmetics and as a meat substitute. Studies are furthermore underway to determine whether seaweed has a positive impact on conditions such as obesity and Alzheimer's disease. The possibilities seem limitless.

Within that framework, BlueInvest and EU4Algae are jointly organising a digital pitching session for leading projects in the seaweed sector. Five organizations will be selected to present their product, technology or solution on Wednesday 11 October.

BlueInvest EUAlgae Pitching Session

Practical information

You can apply for this pitching session until Friday 1 September. If your application is accepted, you will be informed of this on Friday 8 September

The pitching session is in English and takes place online.


BlueInvest aims at promoting innovation and investment in sustainable technologies for the blue economy by providing financial and other forms of support to young companies, SMEs and scale-ups. The programme is managed by DG MARE and CINEA.

EU4Algae strives to accelerate the development of a European seaweed industry and promotes the use of seaweed for consumption and other purposes among producers and consumers. The platform was founded by the European Commission, CINEA and various consultants and other organisations.

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