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Zeepreventorium: care by the sea

Did you know that there is a medical rehabilitation centre in the dunes of De Haan? At Zeepreventorium, children and youngsters with chronic medical conditions can regain their strength in a haven of peace by the sea.

Zeepreventorium provides specialised help for a wide range of disorders, including obesity, lung diseases, skin conditions and diabetes. In addition to purely medical care, a great deal of attention is paid to mental well-being. The focus is on a healthy living environment where everyone feels at home.

Bettina Würth, paediatrician at Zeepreventorium, relates: "We do not treat any children who suffer from curable diseases. Our aim is to teach them how to cope with their chronic condition so it does not have a substantial impact on their day-to-day functioning.

Zeepreventorium: care by the sea

In the complex, you can find not just medical facilities, but also a heated pool with purified water North Sea as well as indoor and outdoor multifunctional sports facilities. The centre is also directly connected to the beach via a tunnel. Numerous outdoor activities are scheduled on a daily basis. 

The location in the dunes and the proximity of the sea have a significant positive influence on the well-being of the patients. Ann Tanghe, psychologist at Zeepreventorium, explains: “The specific context makes it possible to start with a clean sheet, reset and take up new habits, which subsequently need to be practised and transferred to the home situation.”

In addition, Zeepreventorium is also a centre for scientific research into chronic disorders. Within this context, cooperation with several universities and/or research centres as well as numerous study and test projects have been set up. The focus is on a multidisciplinary approach.

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