RelyOn Nutec: offshore trainings

Working at sea is not always easy and entails a great deal of risks and challenges. This is certainly the case for offshore wind farms. The company RelyOn Nutec meets this need by providing tailor-made safety training courses.

Off the Belgian coast, there are plenty of wind turbines generating clean renewable energy. Of course, these wind turbines need to be maintained by specialised technicians. However, these maintenance activities involve certain risks. 

Veronique Degryse, spokesperson of RelyOn Nutec: “In case of an incident, it takes 45 minutes for the rescue services to reach the site. So those involved need to be able to rely on themselves and their colleagues. It is important that they receive adequate safety training and regularly update their skills."

RelyOn Nutec Oostende is part of a larger international group of centres providing safety and survival training courses. In Ostend, there is a survival basin where offshore employees can learn how to escape from a helicopter underwater. 

This is an essential skill for anyone working in the oil and gas industry as well as the wind power sector. During storms at sea, for instance, offshore constructions can only be reached by helicopter. 'If they have to fly to a wind turbine, it is important that they have received safety training in case something goes wrong.' 

The first zone for wind turbines off the Belgian coast is now fully occupied, but a second zone will become available in the near future: the Princess Elisabeth Zone. This will be accompanied by considerable recruitment, and those new employees will require adequate training. RelyOn Nutec is ready for the task.

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