REBO terminal: gateway to the sea

The port of Ostend is investing heavily in circularity and the blue economy. The focus is on offshore activities and the renewable-energy industry. The REBO terminal plays an important role in this respect.

The REBO terminal is located near the entrance to the port of Ostend. This terminal is known to be very flexible and can be used by a wide variety of sectors. Thanks to its unique location, the terminal is also easily accessible for shipping traffic. 

The REBO terminal is in fact a heavy duty terminal. Laure Martroye, Marketing Manager of the Port of Ostend, explains what is meant by this: "This quay has a load capacity of 20 tonnes per square metre. It can be used to load, unload and handle huge, heavy industrial goods."

In the recent past, the REBO terminal was primarily used as a base for the construction of various offshore wind farms. Wind turbine components were transported to the terminal in Ostend from all corners of the globe. 

"Nacelles, blades and tower elements were unloaded on the terminal via our roll-on, roll-off pontoon. These components were then half assembled on the quay, loaded onto the installation vessel and eventually installed at sea," Laure explains.

The first Belgian zone for offshore wind farms is now fully occupied, but a second zone is in the making. In addition, the Port of Ostend hopes to play a part in the dismantling of offshore wind turbines which is planned for the coming years. The focus on offshore wind energy will be continued in the future.

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