C-Power: first offshore wind farm in Belgium

In 2009, the offshore wind turbines of C-Power began to generate green energy in the Belgian North Sea. The company thus heralded a new era for offshore wind power in Belgium.

C-Power is the oldest offshore wind farm in this country. The first six wind turbines were constructed and brought into use  in 2008. The wind farm now has no fewer than 54 wind turbines. They make a considerable contribution to the energy transition and the achievement of the climate objectives. 

"We produce approximately one million megawatt hours annually. That is equivalent to the yearly consumption of 300,000 households," according to Dirk Magnus, CEO of C-Power. In addition, the project has resulted in a significant reduction of the CO2 emissions in Belgium by no fewer than 415,000 tonnes a year.

Wind turbines are completely exposed to the elements in the North Sea. For the wind farm to operate properly, it is essential that everything is monitored and maintained correctly. This is done from the control room of C-Power in Ostend. 

Dirk Magnus explains: "The maritime coordinator keeps an eye on the location of people and vessels as well as the weather conditions, because we are very weather dependent. All important parameters of the wind turbines and the transformer station appear on screen as well." 

Ondertussen zijn ook heel wat andere offshore windmolenparken aangelegd in het Belgische deel van de Noordzee. De oorOver the years, numerous other offshore wind farms have been constructed in het Belgian part of the North Sea. The originally designated zone is now fully occupied. As a result, a second zone for offshore wind turbines is being opened up.

In addition, the technology has evolved considerably. The size of the installations and the production capacity have increased. More and more offshore wind farms appear worldwide. It is therefore clear that offshore wind energy has become an integral part of the energy landscape. 

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