SYMAPA Day: mariculture and passive fishing in the North Sea

The North Sea is surprisingly rich in nutrients. Aquaculture and passive fishing enable us to make optimum use of these nutrients without harming the natural environment. This way, we contribute to a more sustainable approach to our food supply.
Jacobsenstraat 1, 8400 Oostende


During the SYMAPA day, the SYMAPA project partners present their final project results. In addition, several external guests explain their activities in the field of mariculture & fisheries.

Bekijk het gedetailleerde programma

Hieronder vind je het voorlopige programma van de SYMAPA Day. Het definitieve programma wordt later bekendgemaakt.

12u30-13u00 Aanmelding en registratie
13u00-13u20 Keynote
Daan Delbare (ILVO)
13u20-13u35 Introductie van het SYMAPA-project
Bert Groenendaal (Brevisco)
1:35 pm - 1:55 pm Flat oyster and seaweed aquaculture, and oyster restoration in the offshore Belgian pilot of the UNITED-project
Annelies Declercq (UGent)
1:55 pm – 2:15 pm

Data collection and modelling for smart production

Leo Barbut (RBINS)

2:15 pm - 2:35 pm Rough seas make tasty flat oysters (Emile Lemey, Colruyt)
Westdiep Seafarm: from R&D to commercial operations (Jonas Goeteyn, Colruyt)
2:35 pm - 2:55 pm Quality management and economic aspects of synergetic production & the Marifish project
Sylvie Becaus (VLV) 
2:55 pm - 3:10 pm Pauze
3:10 pm - 3:30 pm Fishing in a farm: keep calm and let the pots do the work
Jasper Van Vlasselaer & Mattias (ILVO)
3:30 pm - 3:50 pm Mariculture from Natuurpunt's point of view
Sarah Tilkin (Natuurpunt)
3:50 pm - 4:10 pm The story of the mussels and the finger
Stephanie Debels (Brevisco)
4:10 pm - 4:30 pm Status of the CoastBusters-project
Tomas Sterckx (DEME)
4:30 pm -4:50 pm Seaweed farming in the North Sea: lessons learnt
Bert Groenendaal (ATSEA Nova)
4:50 pm - 5:00 pm  Concluding remarks by governmental representative 
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Closing drink

Practical information

The SYMAPA Day takes place on 24 November 2022 from 1 pm to 6 pm. The location is the InnovOcean Campus, the new home base of VLIZ and ILVO in Ostend. The address of the new site is Jacobsenstraat 1, 8400 Oostende.

Participation is free of charge, but the number of places is limited. Would you like to attend this unique event? Don’t hesitate and register now.

Background information

The SYMAPA project (Synergy between Mariculture & Passive Fisheries) conducts research into potential synergies between the offshore cultivation of mussels, oysters and seaweed on the one hand and passive fishing on the other hand.

The partners in the project are Colruyt Group, Brevisco, AtSeaNova, Vlaamse Visveiling, ILVO and RBINS The project is facilitated by Blue Cluster.

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