Naval defence co-creation session for SMEs

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise intent on collaborating with other European partners in the field of naval defence? Then participate in an online co-creation session within the scope of the LEVIATAD project on Thursday 29 June.

The LEVIATAD project brings together 6 organisations from 4 countries to set up the very first naval defence eurocluster. The partners in this project develop a subsidy programme to provide financial support to SMEs who want to roll out activities in the field of naval defence. 

This Call for Financial Support will be published on 1 July. The programme will give SMEs a boost to develop innovative projects and to enter into international partnerships on marine defense with SMEs in other participating countries.

Co-creation session

In preparation of this call, the project partners are organising an online work session on 29 June to enable SMEs with an interest in marine defense to meet each other virtually. The aim of this session is to find interesting synergies between the participants and to explore possible collaborations.

During this session, SMEs from different countries gather around a (virtual) table to brainstorm about innovative projects and to start up collaborations. These innovative projects should fall within the marine defense priorities previously defined within the LEVIATAD project:

  • Autonomous ships and drones;
  • Communication, cybersecurity;
  • On-board equipment, development, performance;
  • Predictive maintenance; and
  • Decarbonisation of ships.
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In addition the LEVIATAD partners will host webinars specifically aimed at SMEs:

  • “Cross-border Collaborations in the Naval Defence Industry: Best Practices and Case Studies”. This webinar could showcase successful examples of cross-border collaborations in the naval defence industry, highlighting the benefits and challenges of such partnerships. It could also provide practical guidance on how SMEs can identify and approach potential collaborators, negotiate contracts, and manage international partnerships effectively;

     4th of October from 11h till 12h30

  • “Digital Transformation in the Naval Defence Industry: Opportunities of SMEs”. This webinar could explore how digital transformation is changing in the naval defence industry and creating new opportunities for SMEs. It could cover topics such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and robotics, and provide guidance on how SMEs can leverage these technologies to enhance their competitiveness

    27th of September from 11h till 12h30

  • “Accessing funding and Financing for SMEs in the Naval Defence Industry”. This webinar could provide an overview of funding and financing options available to SMEs in the naval defence industry, including grants, loans, and venture capital. It could also offer tips for preparing successful funding applications and navigating the funding process. 

    20th of September from 11h till 12h30 

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