Marine Spatial Planning for a Sustainable Blue Economy

On 19 September, the partners in the eMSP NBSR project warmly invite you to Stockholm for a Community of Practice meeting. The central topic of this event: recommendations on using Marine Spatial Planning for a Sustainable Blue Economy in the North and Baltic sea area.
Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, 111 49 Stockholm

The blue economy is expected to be an important driver for economic growth in the coming years, with a shift towards innovative and sustainable solutions. Several newly developed activities have contributed significantly to this blue growth. 

This evolution can potentially increase the pressure on marine and coastal ecosystems. However, each development at sea can be designed to safeguard current and future use of the sea, while facilitating blue growth. 

Marine spatial planning is the means to balance new activities at sea with current activities. During the CoP meeting on 19 September, a number of recommendations will be presented that can help achieve a sustainable blue economy.


Based on the insights of the discussions during earlier CoP meetings, a number recommendations have been developed and brought together in a policy brief. 

During the CoP meeting in Stockholm, this Policy Brief will be presented so as to test the validity of these recommendations and to obtain input to further strengthen them.

Check out the detailed programme

12:00 Lunch
13:00 Welcome and introduction on Sustainable Blue Economy (SBE) and DG Mare
Pauline Caumont, Policy Expert at DG Mare, European Commission
13:10 Introduction to the eMSP-NBSR project and policy advise towards a SBE
Marijn Rabaut, International Marine Policy Expert at Blue Cluster
13:35 Panel discussion “SBE and Maripark” on policy recommendations for a SBE
Blue Cluster, Netherlands Enterprise Agency & Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
14:20 Coffee break
14:35 Workshop
Blue Cluster, Netherlands Enterprise Agency & Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
16:30 Wrap-up and conclusions
17:00 Refreshments
18:00 End of the event
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Practical information

Participation in this event is free of charge, but prior registration is required. Do you want to attend this CoP meeting? Then complete the form below.

Already registered but unable to attend? Please note that the deadline for cancellations is two weeks prior to the event within the scope of minimising food waste. 

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