Strategic membership

Strategic members are closely involved in outlining the annual planning and specific topics of Blue Cluster. You help supervise the innovation agenda and weigh in on the blue strategy promoted by Blue Cluster.


In addition to the benefits for exploratory and standard members, this group can participate in the strategic sounding board group. This body determines Blue Cluster's annual planning and topics of project calls and activities. Your company is proactively involved in the preparation of calls, topics and projects.


As a strategic member, you can send 5 representatives to 3 networking events and workshops. These events are perfectly suited for making contact with other innovative companies, knowledge institutions and public bodies. If desired, you can send more representatives or attend additional events at a surcharge.

In addition, the head of the company will be invited to the annual CEO dinner along with all other strategic and premium members. This represents a unique networking event for business leaders who attach great importance to innovation in the blue economy.

Your company can send one representative to the steering committee. 


Your company is contacted directly in case of calls that cater to your company's areas of interest. Projects are monitored intensively by Blue Cluster. The membership fee includes the guidance fee (€ 1,190 after submission of a 10-pager, € 4,120 after approval by VLAIO; rates for 2024, excl. VAT) for three innovation projects a year.

Companies who participate in a Blue Cluster project, whether in the capacity of a partner or as a member of the advisory board, are required to be a member of Blue Cluster for the entire duration of the project. 

Join Blue Cluster's innovative network and discover the potential of the blue economy for your company

The annual membership fee for strategic members is € 18,310 (excluding VAT,  2024 rate). Membership is automatically renewed and is valid for one calendar year.

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