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In addition to the benefits for other members, premium members also have a say in the annual planning, themes and activities organised by Blue Cluster. Your company is, as it were, in the driver's seat of our innovative network.


Premium members naturally enjoy all the benefits of other memberships. You are furthermore invited to weigh in on the annual planning, themes and activities organised by Blue Cluster. The blue strategy pursued by these companies will also be promoted by Blue Cluster, aiming for implementation at all levels of government.

Your company will also be actively involved in our efforts to put the Flemish blue economy in the spotlight with leading international organisations such as the European Commission, the UN and the OECD.


Up to ten employees of your company get free access to all of our events (both networking events and workshops). Additionally, your company's head will be invited to the annual CEO dinner, a networking event that boosts cross-fertilisation with other innovative business leaders of our strategic and premium members.

Your company furthermore has a seat in the Board of Directors. This allows you to help steer Blue Cluster's direction. What's more, premium members can also delegate a representative and a replacement to the steering committee.


Premium members do not have to pay any fees for project guidance and follow-up. Furthermore, all working groups set up within Blue Cluster are exclusively chaired by premium members. 

Companies who participate in a Blue Cluster project, whether in the capacity of a partner or as a member of the advisory board, are required to be a member of Blue Cluster for the entire duration of the project. 

Join Blue Cluster's innovative network and discover the potential of the blue economy for your company

Premium members pay an annual membership fee of € 60,652 (excl. VAT, 2024 rate). Membership is automatically renewed and is valid for one calendar year.

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