Exploratory membership

Do you want to discover the blue economy? Or are you mainly interested in networking? Then become an exploratory member of Blue Cluster and get to know this unique network of innovative companies.


Obviously, you have access to all freely available information, such as the website and our newsletters. In addition, your company is included in the search for partners for relevant innovation projects and invited to participate in domain-specific workshops, such as our Blue Sessions. In this way, your company is closely involved in numerous innovation opportunities.


Exploratory members can send one representative to our network events 3 times a year. These events are perfectly suited for making contact with other innovative companies, knowledge institutions and public bodies. If desired, you can send extra representatives or attend additional events at a surcharge.  

If you are an SME, you are automatically a member of the SME Committee, which comes together 3 times a year. The chair and vice-chair of the SME Committee furthermore have a seat in the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors to ensure that the interests of SMEs are taken into consideration at the highest level.  


Exploratory members can launch project ideas. Upon submission of an innovation projects, you will be charged a fee of € 5,310 for assistance and follow-up: € 1,190 upon approval of the 10-pager by the Steering Committee (acquisition fee), and € 4,120 upon approval of the project by VLAIO (success fee). In the case of feasibility studies, only the acqusition fee (€ 1,190) will be charged.

These amounts apply to each project and each partner, are valid for 2024 and exclude VAT. The date of submission of the 10-pager is decisive. The fee is capped at a maximum of 10% of the subsidy awarded to the relevant project partner. 

If you opt for one of the other membership options, this fee is included in the membership fee (for one or several projects, depending on the specific option). 

Companies who participate in a Blue Cluster project, whether in the capacity of a partner or as a member of the advisory board, are required to be a member of Blue Cluster for the entire duration of the project. 

Join Blue Cluster's innovative network and discover the potential of the blue economy for your company.

The membership fee for exploratory members is € 607 per year (excluding VAT,  2024 rate). Large companies are charged € 1,716 as from the second year of membership. Membership is automatically renewed and is valid for one calendar year.

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